Data supporting the "Bring MEC to Hamilton" project

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The following table shows the biggest 15 Canadian cities in descending order, plus a few smaller cities which would also be candidates for providing MEC Hamilton shoppers. Cities in Bold face would likely supply MEC shoppers to Hamilton. Cities in italics do not currently have a MEC. You can see that Halifax and Victoria are both smaller than Hamilton but can maintain a MEC. In fact, their combined populations are barely more than Hamilton's population alone! The combined population of major centres surrounding Hamilton is over two million.

City Rank (2006) Population (2006) City Approximate Distance to nearest existing MEC Approximate distance to MEC Hamilton Within an hour of Hamilton? Population serviced by MEC Hamilton
1 5,113,149 Toronto 400km (Ottawa) 70km Yes  
2 3,635,571 Montreal Central 200km (Ottawa)   No  
3 2,116,581 Vancouver 1.6km (N. Vancouver)   No  
3 2,116,581 North Vancouver 1.6km (Vancouver)   No  
4 1,130,761 Ottawa 200km (Montreal)   No  
5 1,079,310 Calgary 300km (Edmonton)   No  
6 1,034,945 Edmonton 300km (Calgary)   No  
7 715,515 Quebec 260km (Montreal)   No  
8 694,668 Winnipeg 1310km (Edmonton)   No  
9 692,911 Hamilton 70km (Toronto) 0km Yes 692,911
10 457,720 London 190km (Toronto) 125km No 457,720
11 451,235 Kitchener 105km (Toronto) 68km Yes 451,235
12 390,317 St. Catharines 110km (Toronto) 59km Yes 390,317
13 372,858 Halifax 1075km (Quebec)   No  
14 330,594 Oshawa 66.2km (Toronto) 132km No  
15 330,088 Victoria 110km + ferry (Vancouver)   No  
16 323,342 Windsor 363km (Toronto) 300km No  
28 127,009 Guelph 90km (Toronto) 53km Yes 127,009
30 124,607 Brantford 101km (Toronto) 38km Yes 124,607
TOTAL 2,243,799

The following map shows the surrounding regions that would be serviced by MEC Hamilton. Since MEC is a "destination store" similar to IKEA, it is likely that opening a store in Hamilton would not only attract existing members from the surrounding area, but could boost membership numbers for these regions. The shaded areas represent a 25km radius and 50km radius from downtown.

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