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A perfect MEC location: The Federal Building

Hopefully we have been able to convince our readers (and MEC) that Hamilton would be a great place for a new store. Not only is Hamilton a perfect spot on the city level, but there is one particular location within the city that would suit MEC so well that you'd almost think it was designed specifically for them: The Federal Building on Main Street.

The Federal Building - Location Benefits

The location of the federal building at 150 Main Street West has a lot to offer:

The building itself

Highly visible along the main corridor into the city, the former Revenue Canada building is a beautiful structure with a stunning main floor that is perfectly suited to a retail establishment the size of MEC. Even down to the wildlife motif carved into the stone at the entrance, the location screams "Outdoors Store". Visualizing this building with a MEC on the main floor, Residential condos above, and topped with a green roof -- one cannot imagine a more perfect combination.

Approaching Eastbound on Main

Entrance off Main Street

Concrete reliefs on each side of the main entrance

Address detail above main entrance

Inside of the main floor - a blank canvas!

The cornerstone

So grand!