Building a case for MEC Hamilton

Why open a MEC in Hamilton?

We believe that many forces (an increasingly younger downtown population, a non-stop flow of potential MEC members through McMaster and Mohawk, proximity to other similar markets -- Guelph, St. Catharines, etc) would combine to provide an ample customer base for such a location. Several cities (with a combined population over 2.2 million) could be serviced by a Hamilton MEC: Hamilton, London, Kitchener, St. Catharines, Guelph, Brantford, etc).

We also believe that there are more MEC members (and potential members) within the Hamilton area than the MEC membership data suggests. Most students and temporarily employed people are likely registered to MEC with their permanent address. For this reason, MECs records probably do not show a high concentration of members in the Hamilton area despite there being a large number of temporary (turning permanent) residents in the "target demographic".

On This Site

Update (October 17, 2007): Showcase of a potential Hamilton location

Despite MEC's announcement earlier this year of a location in Burlington, all is nt lost. We spoke with them over the phone and were told that they will likely expand into a smaller "satellite store" model, and Hamilton remains near the top of their list for such a location.

Partially as a lament of the loss of MEC to Bulington, and partially as a spark of hope for a future Hamilton store, we've chosen a specific location to showcase as a perfect spot for MEC.

Behold the Federal Building on Main Street West - Mountain Equipment Co Op's next location? You be the judge...

Update (June 27, 2007): MEC is opening in Burlington.

Here is their press release.

Here is our response, aka "Why MEC's Burlington Location is an Awful Choice".

Update (Mar 23, 2007): This region is on MEC's Radar!

Thanks to concerned MEC'er Vanessa, who sent a letter to MEC, we have the following information straight from their service department:

Thank you for the email.
You're right the GTA can support more than one store and MEC has been attempting to find another location that meets our needs. We were very close to a location in Burlington but it didn't work out. -If you see locations in the 15,000 sq ft range with good transit, car access etc. that could be made to meet the Leed Green Building certification, please get the realtor to contact MEC!

If anyone can recommend a suitable location within Hamilton (preferably close to transit and parking downtown), please let us know at

What to do!

I have already sent MEC a letter and they replied with a generic response regarding their "City Selection Model". If we want a MEC here we are going to have to do a tiny bit of work!

STEP ONE - Update your current address with MEC!

This is the most important (and easiest) thing you can do. Most of us probably have the wrong address (parents' address/outdated address) on file with MEC. They will have no idea that there is a target market in this area if we do not tell them where we live! So update your address, and continue shopping once in a while.

You can find your member number here:

You can log in to change your address here:

STEP TWO - Sign the petition!

Although I generally believe that online petitions are a sham, I think that in this case, a petition could really help. This is especially important if you do not live in Hamilton but would prefer to shop at a Hamilton MEC rather than the Toronto one. This petition would also be a lot more powerful if you included your membership number in your petition signature. That way, when MEC is presented with the data, it is much more meaningful than a list of email addresses could ever be. You do not need to be a member though; signing the petition and including a note expressing your interest in a Hamilton store is still a great help!

I have set up an online petition here:

STEP THREE - Drop MEC a line!

As helpful as a full petition sheet would be, it would be even more helpful if you took the time to let MEC know personally that you'd like to see a MEC in downtown Hamilton. Make sure you update your address first, and include your member number in your note. It is very easy to write them using the online form, but if you are feeling very ambitious you could mail them a real-life letter.

Contact MEC here:

Mail them at:
149 West 4th Avenue,
Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 4A6

More Data

Click here for more data (population data and an overview map): Mec In Hamilton Data


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